Tuesday Trainer

Oh jeez I am exhausted today. Went to bed late, slept horribly with my brain on high gear, and was stuck with the pooch Holly sleeping next to my face. I think Holly is having some tummy troubles because I heard her stomach freaking out ALL NIGHT. That in addition to her snoring makes her a lovely bedtime companion. I think I need to spend more time with people.

Don’t give me that face.

But I digress. How about me not blogging for more than 2 weeks? I was so motivated to finish my China travel series and get it all out until I was sidetracked in the editing process. Sometimes WordPress cannot handle the mass of photographs I upload in each post and freezes without updating the draft. In my latest post, I uploaded all my pictures and it refused to save! WTF. I shut down my laptop in frustration and haven’t looked back since. Till now. But before I grace you with more China adventures and awesome (I hope) pictures, I have another matter to discuss.

Tuesday Trainer!

I follow this great gal Lindsay at her blog, Lindsay’s List. She is a personal trainer and has tons of great ideas and exercises while raising a wonderful young family. Recently, she started a great feature called “Tuesday Trainer”. Based on the theme of the week (ex: legs, plyometrics, etc.), readers submit their moves and she creates a workout featuring those moves. Sweet eh? This week my move is featured on her site! The theme? Core. My move? V-ups. It rocks, but is pretty hard.

I invite you to click on the thumbnail below to visit her site and check out my video and the other core exercises. If you are so inclined, do the workout!


Hopefully I will continue to submit moves to Tuesday Trainer. I will be posting these videos permanently in my Personal Training page. So check it out!

In other “I am weird and film myself” news…….

Last night after a torrential downpour in St. Pete causing street flooding and nightmarish traffic, I skipped choir and decided to work on a video for my friend Lakshmi. She has a hectic job in NYC that limits her time to workout. After sharing the news of my personal training certification, she begged me to give her a workout since I used to kick her butt at the Bowdoin gym. So last night I taped myself completing two different circuit workouts, running through 3 sets of core, back, arms, legs, and plyometric moves with a warm-up and cool down. If I EVER feel comfortable showing it to people other than really close friends, it may appear in my Personal Training page. But for now you will just have to wait :-).

Making the video was really fun, PLUS I got in a good workout myself (aka sweat like a beast). I ended up going through the moves pretty slowly and took a lot of time to really explain the moves and how to do them properly. However after watching myself, I realized that my form is horrendous!!! Hunching over a laptop all day has made my chest super tight and my shoulders perpetually rounded. Ugh. What a great example eh?

So some goals for myself:

1. Sit up straight!

2. Stretch my chest and calves everyday

3. Eat more chocolate (how did that get in there?)

Till next time….

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Trainer

  1. oohh ooooh ooh, make me a video next! (or at least a list of the things you taught me during my visit so I don’t forget).

    PS: you are awesome

    1. I was going to send you the video anyways! Unfortunately they are exactly one minute over the limit for youtube so I have to make you a CD. Don’t worry it is not too intense :-). I say that now…

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