Travels to the Far East

In regards to further procrastination of posting the final installments of my trip to China, I created a photobook! I got a Groupon good for a discount on an 8×8 photobook from Shutterfly. I love photobooks and have several from my Photography classes at Bowdoin. I love published photographs PERIOD so I thought it would be great to have a little book of my first trip to China.

Boy was this book fun to make! Hopefully the quality of my photos are good enough to look good in print. I guess we will see. You can view the book below if you are interested.

Click here to view this photo book 

My only beef with the Shutterfly Groupon is that I still had to pay $10 for shipping!! Plus the $10 Groupon purchase. Total I paid $20 for this book. It better turn out AMAZING. That’s all I’m saying.

Also, could it be 11pm Friday already?? A girl can only wait so long…

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