Tuesday Trainer and Rays playoffs

Greetings to you and the wonderful fall weather we are experiencing in Florida right now. Cool, breezy, and sunny with a high of 80? I’ll take it!

I have another Tuesday Trainer coming atcha, thanks again to the lovely Lindsay from Lindsay’s List who put this all together. This week’s theme? Back and biceps!

Check out this great workout NOW:

lindsayslist.co-tuesday_trainer Below is the video I submitted for a version of a Bent Row using dumbbells. The Tuesday Trainer workout features my move plus variations by Katie and Paige who use weighted bars. Choose your variation based on the equipment you have available. I had only a pair of baby 5 pound weights (I lost my 8 pounders!) in which case I would probably do sets of 20 or 25 repetitions.

If you are at the gym, try using the weighted bar! It forces you to use both arms evenly and most gyms have many different weights to switch it up. Remember, Lindsay says to increase the weight with each set while decreasing the number of repetitions.

Again, I have been totally MIA for awhile only because I’ve been so busy! Studying… work… working out… visitors in town… Rays baseball… there is only so much time in the day. Hopefully, my Chinese adventures will be completed eventually. *Fingers crossed for now * Hope fingers will be uncrossed for when I actually type it out *

On a good note, I mailed my application to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai yesterday! I am really nervous and hope to hear from them soon (it will arrive in China in about 2 weeks bleh).

Now it is time to get my butt into gear with studying for my PT certification. After a month of misdirected studying, I signed up for a weekly study guide email from ACE that puts me on track to take the exam in T-minus 11 weeks. Now if only I took some anatomy or biology courses in high school or college, I’d be a little more prepared. Nope, those science courses only interest me now that they have a real life application. Figures.

* Let me take a moment and be thankful slash angry for my liberal arts education * Sigh *

Anywho, I am off to the Rays baseball game this afternoon with Peter and his boss. This will be interesting. I hate baseball but playoff games in any sport are always fun (especially when I have a half day at work… shhh don’t tell).



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