In Memory Of

My life has been relatively unmarked by death. All four of my grandparents are alive. I have only been to two funerals in my lifetime. One was my great grandmother’s and the other was my grandmother’s brother. I was very young for both and didn’t understand the gravity of the situation.

However, three tragedies have occurred within the last month. No, I was not close to these three people but they were taken from this Earth too soon.

My high school classmate was killed in New York City after being hit by a train in the subway. He was 23 years old. We never talked in high school. He belonged to a different group of friends. All I remember is he had long unruly hair and seemed really chill. After high school, he graduated from NYU, and was studying law. His life was just beginning. Only to be taken away suddenly in a horrific accident. It is scary that accidents like this still happen in modern society. Isaac, may you rest in peace. You will not be forgotten.

Steve Jobs died only last week from cancer. He was the same age as my mother (should I be publishing this information?). He helped create the technology that drives our society today. Apple products define my life, from my laptop, Iphone, Ipod, speakers… it is insane how much these products are a part of my everyday existence. Steve, your genius will always be appreciated and recognized. May you rest in peace.

Today, Dan Wheldon, a St. Petersburg resident, died after a crash while racing in the Indy 500. Just this summer, I attended a celebration honoring his 2nd Indy 500 win. Dan showed his appreciation for St. Pete with his wife and son at his side. His wife is good friends with my mom. Afterward speaking, Dan signed autographs. He stayed for almost an hour, making sure to sign for every single person who waited. He signed my poster with a genuine smile while talking exuberantly to his fans. I was struck by his kindness and his patience. He made sure nobody was left behind.

RIP Dan Wheldon. You will be remembered for your kindness and strength of spirit.

Everybody, please go hug your family, friends, and spouse and tell them you love them. “Live everyday as if it were your last.” And always remember the people who have touched your life and are now gone from this world. Never forget. I know I never will.

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