Peter visits

I don’t have time to write this post out. But here are some pictures from the last two weeks when Peter was in town. We went kayaking, biking, ate good food, and danced the night away at a wedding. It was great!

I am always so sad that his visits are so short. He lives in China but comes home at least every 3 months for which I am grateful. Thankfully the next 3 months will be super busy for the holidays and will (hopefully) fly right by. Sometimes it sucks when you are always waiting for time to pass you by. Some things need to change around here!


Check out this weeks Tuesday Trainer for a great upper body workout featuring my tricep/shoulder move. Make sure to visit the other ladies’ websites too. They are all strong women with strong bodies! Love it. Certification Update: I am halfway through the “Essentials of Exercise Science” book and am learning about nutrition! So far I am LOVING everything I am learning. Cannot WAIT to become certified!

3 thoughts on “Peter visits

    1. Haha yes he is quite the enigma on my blog! We’ve been dating for about 9 months although he lives in China. Funny story, we went to elementary and middle school together and I had a major crush on him but was the quiet gymnastics girl who didn’t talk. Suffice to say it didn’t work out then, but it worked out great 10 years later!

      1. What a cute story! Your time together looks so fun — like you really took advantage of it — & you are a great looking couple.
        I LOVE kayaking. I have one, but it’s being stored at my SIL’s. This makes me really want it now.

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