Best of Christmas 2011

The heat of the Christmas weekend has finally broken. It is a beautiful 65 degrees here in sunny Florida and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. My calendar has been full of events with family, friends, and of course, delicious food. While I have indulged in plenty of delicious treats this season, I have kept up my workouts and feel fantastic. I have also been sleeping like it’s my job (I wish it was). This holiday season I am all about balance. And holiday parties. Bring it on New Years! Savannah… here we come!

As I sit here on my porch without a coat, I bring you my favorite images from Christmas.

Cute puppies

Plentiful food and funny headbands (we do not take this seriously)

Presents given and received

Including a brand new Nikon D3100 camera and 50-200mm VR lens! I die…

Family gatherings which always get slightly out of hand

Peter dresses like my grandfather. Should I be worried?

Good thing he’s so handsome and sweet

Morgan gets married 

Kidding!!! She debuted to society. Fellas, step in line. 

This other fella stole the show 

And ditched his granddaughters for some older ladies. We were a little jealous.

Merry Christmas! From my family to yours.

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