365 Project- Day 1

Happy 2012!!

I had a great quick trip to Savannah this weekend and will post pictures soon.

So I have been thinking of the year to come. Should I make a resolution? Will I stick to a resolution? Do I care to try? I’m not a fan of failure. Especially when it is goals set for myself. So instead of stressing over sticking to some lofty goal I thought I would pose a challenge to myself.

With my job, photography has fallen to the wayside. I miss it. I miss taking pictures. I miss seeing the world in a different way. I miss looking. I just got a new camera for Christmas which I absolutely love and it has inspired me to bring photography back into my life.

On various blogs I’ve seen my fair share of photography challenges. What recently caught my attention was the 365 Project. Basically you take one picture every day for an entire year. One. Every day. I thought… now that is commitment. And then I thought… but doable. Why not? The picture can be simple, it can be quick, it can be a portrait of my shoe. But what matters is that I take the time every day to stop and shoot. It is the very least I can do to fuel my passion. To keep it alive.

So here it is. My challenge for 2012 is to take one picture everyday and post it on the blog.

Today is January 1st. Let the 365 Project commence!

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