Day 14

It has been a day of early accomplishment, relaxation, and contemplation. I started the day off right with an invigorating spin class with a vivacious Latina instructor who pushed me hard, despite being unable to understand a word she said. Afterwards, I trained Megan for the first time and enjoyed teaching her how to maneuver the weight room. We were former gymnastics buddies so I know her body can move properly but simply needs to build muscle. Since then I’ve watched all episodes of my favorite shows that I missed over the holidays and clipped fitness moves and tips from magazines.

What I have not done is studied. What I have done is taken Holly for an amazing walk outside in the crisp air.

Sometimes something as simple as a walk in the fresh air resets my batteries and makes me feel alive. As I strolled down the neighborhood I found myself smiling at gangs of children patrolling the streets on their bicycles, running over lawns and walls, playing with their imagination. I wish I was a kid again. I miss the freedom of body and mind. As a kid you can play outside for hours without getting tired. You are completely in the present. You do not worry about tomorrow or the next day or the next because you don’t need to.

I want to try to take this attitude with me now as an adult. To be present. To run around outside because I can. To not worry about tomorrow or next year. To instead focus on what I can do right now. For me, right now is about recharging my batteries from the holidays so I can plow full-speed ahead towards my goals. To find happiness within myself instead of my external environment.

Presently I am hungry so I think I will go eat some dinner. So far so good.

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