Day 25

As much as I whine about my hour long commute to work, it’s really not all that bad. We only are up here 3 times a week. I drive to work in the morning while my dad drives from work in the evening. This is perfect.

I am a complete zombie in the morning. You don’t want to mess with me. Driving gives me the perfect opportunity to zone out, wake up, and organize my thoughts for the day. I am the kind of introvert that needs solid chunks of time to think and be introspective. I am a calm driver that rarely gets road rage, probably because I’m too busy mediating on my life to care about somebody cutting me off. Though my biggest pet peeve on the road? People not using their turn signals. They are on your car for a reason people. The reason being that I know why you are slowing down and that you will be slowing down at all. Come on. It’s a quick flick of a switch and every body is happy.


Today I went to Starbucks for my lunch break for some needed caffeine, chocolate, and outside table on which to study. It was glorious and made me wonder… do these other people on their laptops have jobs? What do they do all day? Are they bloggers? What is their blog url? But then the caffeine kicked in and I focused long enough to tear through Chapter 10. Only 8 more chapters to go! In a month I leave for China and would like to be certified by then. We shall see. Lots to do!

Here in this photo you get an idea of what Pasco County is all about. It is a very strange place. Very developed with shopping centers upon shopping centers but at the same time very rural. I am not sure what the appeal is. I think property taxes are low. I think I know why. But my coworkers that live here? Love them. They make my day go by quickly. I am very happy to know them. And celebrate many caffeine/chocolate breaks together.

Happy hump day.

2 thoughts on “Day 25

  1. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……China in a month!? WHY DON’T YOU TELL ME THESE THINGS?
    How long are you going for?… did I know about this and forget about it? if so, I’m sorry. BUT either way we must see each other before then! CALL ME.

    ps: sorry for all the caps.

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