Day 26

Florida at night. It is unseasonably warm here. I’m kind of loving it… but feel guilty. It would be fun to wear boots and scarves.

Where did the day go? It was definitely one of those days where I was busy all day and seemed to have accomplished little.

Good news is I booked my flight to Shanghai and have all my visa materials ready to mail tomorrow. For some reason I didn’t feel comfortable getting my visa BEFORE buying my ticket. I am an idiot. Last time I got the visa without a problem and hopefully this time will be the same.

I leave in less than a month (!!!) and have many things on the agenda before then. Wish me luck. Pray that I stay focused. Oh wait, you say this weekend is Gasparilla with pirates, beads, beer, and scantily clad women? Hmmm that throws a wrench in my productivity plans. Maybe I won’t go. It really isn’t that awesome. Especially if you’re like me and don’t enjoy drinking very much. We shall see.

I also joined Pinterest today. Already it is proving to be a major time suck. But an awesome time suck. It makes me feel creative and stylish just by pinning creative and stylish things. But let’s face it, my personal style is no where near fashionable and I have never decorated a home in my life. This is for the theoretical creative and stylish Kirsten whom I would love to meet. She could throw a mean party.

Ok what else was I talking about tonight?

Right, I went to spin class and did upper-body lifting. It. Was. Awesome. Feeling great.

Now it’s time to pin. And watch Pretty Little Liars (don’t judge). And pretend like I’m studying. Maybe I’ll focus tomorrow.

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