Day 29

Morgan and I baked! She got me a Fresh Market Mason Jar mix of oatmeal cinnamon chip perfection for Christmas. And oh my was it perfection. It must have been the cup of sugar. And two sticks of butter. But sometimes you have to give into perfection. Even if it’s not exactly healthy for you. Because enjoying life is all about balance. And health is not just physical health but mental health. And my mental health definitely involves sugar and chocolate. Yes sometimes I overdo it and yes sometimes it makes me feel guilty and physically bleh… but it’s all about balance. I make healthy choices all day so I can eat cookies.

Sadly the cookies are all gone. But they were delicious while they lasted. Fortunately, Morgan and I were able to capture an awesome moment on camera. A moment of weightlessness.

This may or may not have taken us about 20 tries. Cookie dough gets heavy! Probably from all the butter and sugar.

In addition to eating cookies, I spent my weekend studying with Morgan, working out, training a friend, and getting out in the sunshine. Friday night I got a lot of work done after some steady-state cardio on the treadmill. After an oddly late night of TV, I woke up early for my Saturday morning spin class. I was pretty exhausted but felt great after the workout (as always!). In the afternoon I worked a bunch more then trained Irma at her massage business (I get a massage in return!). We had a lot of fun jumping around and busting some dance moves during her workout. She’s awesome. The rest of the night I studied some more and again went to bed ridiculously late watching television.

This morning was a late one and immediately upon waking, Morgan and I headed to the gym for a 10 minute treadmill warm-up and upper body lifting. Morgan was such a sport and followed my lead, doing my routine with some seriously heavy weights! Mucho impressed. I hope she isn’t too sore tomorrow… Sorry Mo!

After the gym, Morgan and I lounged outside in the glorious sun, studying hard. She had to head back to Gainsville 😦 so I took the dog for a long walk and went shopping! This was just after I bought an OGorgeous gym bag from OpenSky. Can’t wait to get it in the mail! It will be perfect to bring to China in a month. But new gym clothes have been on my mind for a while so I stopped at Target and got some great Champion gear. I also picked up some food at Fresh Market so I can make quesedillas tomorrow night for my dad while my mom is out of town. I really miss cooking and have been trying to get back into it without much success. I am way too busy until about 8pm and by then it’s too late. I will keep trying!

Okay, Once a Upon a Time is about to start and I want to know what this new writer in town is doing here! I think I am addicted to television. And the internet. And too many other things to count. It’s the little things let me tell you.


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