Day 30

This is a self-portrait failure. I wanted to show off my new gym clothes but was holding Holly at the moment and she was too sweet to put down. So here you can see my new Champion clothes which of course I had to wear today. On top is another sleeved double-dry shirt in dark blue, a purple cotton jersey jacket (50% off!), and double-dry fitted knee pants.

I am obsessed with these new capri bottoms. The material is so soft for gym clothes but still sweat wicking. They also hug my knees instead of flaring out, making my Vibram clad feet look much more normal. Love!


I had a great workout tonight. I really think new clothes helped motivate me to push hard. I warmed-up on the rowing machine for 15 minutes then did a quick 20 minutes on the treadmill. I really felt the burn in my calves on the treadmill because I was wearing my Vibrams. They really change the way you run. I find myself taking quicker steps, landing more on the ball of my foot, and running a little bit lighter overall. My calves and feet still need to get stronger so I am working on that.

After cardio, I hoped over to the weight room for an intense lower-body session that had me sweating, red in the face, and gasping for breath. It was awesome! I will have to write up the workout and post it on the blog.

Dad and I got home late from the gym and I threw together some delicious and healthy quesadillas for the two of us. Basically I sauteed a whole onion, pepper, and can of black beans with some seasoning and layered the mix over a tortilla sauteed with cheese. Once the cheese was melted, I slapped another tortilla on top. Viola! Healthy veggie quesadillas! Cooking success.

Alright it’s getting late. Need to get my beauty sleep so these leg muscles can repair! Cheers.

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