Day 31: Born to Run

“The desire to write grows with writing.”— Desiderius Erasmus

Today marks one month of the 365 Project completed! So far I am enjoying the project a lot. It’s fun to take my camera out everyday and occasionally have something incredible happen at the other end of the lens. It’s also getting me more involved in blogging and writing. I find myself inspired to post workouts and write about life beyond the project. I can tell already that this will be fun to look back on. So much has changed already. So much WILL change. I cannot wait!

Tonight at the gym I alternated 10 minutes walking with 10 minutes running for a total of 60 minutes on the treadmill. And I did all this in my Vibrams. My calves were screaming. Hopefully the foam rolling I did before and after the run will ease the pain just a little.

But I am excited about minimalist running. Which is crazy because usually I hate running. Now I want to run a marathon. In the forest. Up a mountain. Want to know why? I’m almost done with reading Born To Run. It has honestly transformed the way I think about running. I never thought I would be one of those barefoot people. But here I am, uncomfortable wearing shoes and discussing the latest minimalist shoes in the gym.

The anthropological aspects of the book are really appealing to this anthropology major. The evolution of our bodies into runners is compelling to say the least. In the book they describe how once the Ice Age was over, Homo Erectus were much better adapted to warmer climates than Neanderthals. Homo Erectus were smaller, lighter, less hairy, and could run long enough to tire out their prey in the heat. Cool huh?

Nerdiness aside, I encourage you to read Born To Run and form your own opinions. But as a personal trainer in training, anthropology major, and owner of barefoot shoes, I think this book makes many valid points that are impossible to ignore.

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