Day 33

First in a series of vintage St. Petersburg signs. Sunken Gardens is a St. Pete landmark dating back to 1903 when a plumber named George Turner Sr. bought 6 acres of land. He drained an ancient lake, filling it with clay tiles, and began to garden. Neighbors loved walking through his garden so much he started charging a nickel for tours. Three generations of Turners continued his tropical gardens until the city bought it in 1999. Today it remains as a tourist attraction. (source:

Pretty great sign right?

Anyways. Today was a rough day. The minute I woke up I felt exhausted although I had slept 8 solid hours. This continued in a downward spiral as I developed an infuriating eye twitch that lasted all morning. It’s actually still twitching a bit right now and driving me insane!

I felt so exhausted after lunch that I crawled into bed for a quick 20 minute nap. It was one of those naps where I never slept but dozed drowsily and let my body rest. It was enough to get me through the afternoon and spin class. I knew exercising would make me feel better and after a slow start to class I finally woke up in the second half.

I know why I’m feeling so pooped (it is a certain time of the month) and hope to get to bed early and power through tomorrow (Friday!!).

I have more good things to share but will wait till tomorrow. I need to study and get myself tucked in bed. Goodnight.

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