Day 35

Well today was a very relaxing day. For the entire afternoon I’ve hung outside studying ACE, doing sprints in the backyard, and annoying pelicans.

Something else much needed? Long phone conversations with friends. My college friend called this evening and we ended up talking for hours. It was just the thing to cheer me up! Most of my close friends live elsewhere so it is always nice to catch up.


I woke up early for a great spin class with one of my favorite instructors. She is always cheerful and bubbly and is very knowledgable about proper intervals and resistance. I always enjoy her music selection and visualization techniques. I really try to visualize those damn hills! Then it feels slightly less painful. Sort of. Haha.

After class I grabbed the foam roller and hopped on for almost an hour of pain. It was insane but much needed. Now my muscles are actually more sore than before??? I think rolling them released lactic acid into the muscles and didn’t have a chance to dissapate. I probably should have walked a bit after to burn it off.

Tonight is movie night. So far I’ve stuck to bad Lifetime movies. Maybe this will change. Probably not.

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