Day 36 and Lifting Heavy

Superbowl Sunday!

Do I care? Eh, not really. I’d rather watch hockey. But we were invited to a party by some close family friends and I couldn’t say no. We left early so I don’t know who won… but I hope it was not the Pats! Sorry Boston fans, you are pretty obnoxious. No offense? Hopefully no offense so you lose!! Hehe get it?? Anyways…

Some of the commercials were pretty good. Like the Etrade speed dating baby? Hilarious. Aaaand I honestly can’t remember any other commercials. Except that the vampire party commercial was pretty weird. Not the greatest. Though I did enjoy the Budweiser through the decades. It was very well done and pleasing to look at. But Budweiser is nasty.


This morning I woke up crazy sore and was a little reluctant to go do my lower-body workout. But I knew I wouldn’t regret it and that tomorrow is a definite rest day. Of course I had a great workout that shredded my legs. Oh it was good.

I started with 20 easy minutes on the stair master, really getting my glutes to activate. I then did some active stretching and foam rolled my hip flexors. The next 45 minutes were some serious leg work with abs thrown in for a rest. I did some exercises that aren’t usually in my rotation which I need to do more often to shake up my workouts. Changing workouts means changing your body! In addition to single-leg deadlifts, I did regular deadlifts using a single dumbbell. First I did 15 reps. with 35 lbs. Well that was too easy so I did 15 reps.  with 40 lbs. Well that was too easy too so I did 15 reps with 45 lbs. That was too easy again so I grabbed the 50 lbs. dumbbell for 15 more reps.

This was a big wake up call for me. I realize that sometimes I take it too easy on myself by grabbing weights that aren’t necessarily the most challenging. For muscle growth you should be struggling at least at 12-15 repetitions. Doing 4 sets of 15 repetitions with no real fatigue means I need to go heavier without compromising my posture.

I am girl and I lift heavy. Can you?

From now on I’m going to really focus on lifting heavy on one of my weight-lifting days. I know my potential and want to see what I can do. I am at a point where I feel like my body is plateauing. This might be just the change I need.

What do you do when you reach a body plateau? 

Do you like to lift heavy? 

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