Day 37 and Child’s Play

I always love going to my old middle school Monday nights for chorus. I get so nostalgic. Things were so much easier then. All you had to worry about was whether you did your Latin homework or if you finally had the courage to talk to your crush in study hall (BTW that never happened).

Remember Art Class?

What an awesome excuse for a class! In middle school I eventually opted out of art for chorus but still loved to color, cut, and craft bizarre projects that are currently shoved in my closet, collecting dust. I still remember some great art projects from elementary school including sculpting a paper mache animal mask. Like seriously?? I somehow created this massive giraffe face. Which is pretty impressive seeing as I can’t even begin to picture the face of a giraffe. Except they have black tongues. Cool.

Another project we did was to choose a painting and replicate it. It makes you feel like a damn artist. As a 9 year old. Art gives you so much confidence. You realize you have the ability to create something out of nothing. And that is powerful. Except for the kids who make just plain awful and ugly things that their parents praise them for. Maybe a little constructive criticism is good.

I love how when you were a kid, there was time carved out for play and creativity. We need that as adults. We should designate at least some time everyday to let our imagination soar. I guess that is what blogging is for me. A small space of creativity. And I guess the gym is my playground. Maybe I’ll bring my workout outside to some monkey bars. Tire swing anyone?

Let’s bring play back into our lives. Because without play, life is just work right?

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