Spreading the Love

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! In honor of this Hallmark holiday, I am spreading some link love!

Hannah at Eat, Drink, and Save Money recently nominated me for the Liebster Award. Lindsay at Lindsay’s List also nominated me for this award in October but I was fairly new to the blogging community and wasn’t sure who to honor. Well now I know!

Liebster is German for beloved. It is a sign of support in the blogging community and is designed to bring recognition to blogs that are new or have under 200 followers.

Here are the official rules:

1. Show your gratitude to the blogger who gave you the award by linking back to them.

2. Reveal your top 5 picks and let them know by leaving a comment at their blog.

3. Post the Award on your blog.

Hannah is a fabulous saver who lives in St. Pete like me! I love how she provides an honest look at living well on a budget with great tips to boot! Plus her and her husband are absolutely adorable.

Lindsay is the genius behind Tuesday Trainer and is absolutely hilarious. Her commitment to her family, fitness, and God is inspiring, just like her ripped abs! I really dig a gal with a mad sense of humor and some serious muscles.

My top 5 picks for Liebster are:

1. Allie @ Colour Me Happy – Allie is probably the nicest girl I have never met. Her blog covers a variety of topics from her life, ranging from physical therapy and rock climbing to simple living and clean recipes. She takes beautiful photos of her Arizona life that make me want to move there and become her best friend. Not strange right?

2. Anne @ Run Eat Sleep – Anne is a personal trainer living in China with her now fiance! She has been a great resource as I’ve studied to become a certified personal trainer and considered moving to China. Her food blogging reassures me that it is possible to cook normally in China. She is also a sick nasty runner who ran like 900 miles last year. No biggie.

3. Jessica @ Sushi and Situps – Jessica is a fun food blogger and fellow Floridian living in Orlando with her fiance. She is also planning a wedding! I love reading about her restaurant adventures and her cute dog Parko.

4. Julia @ Jogging My Memory – Julia is a California law student moving to Shanghai this fall with her husband! I can relate to her long distance relationship and hope to meet up with her someday in Shanghai. She is also a total foodie and posts some great recipes.

5. Tara @ Daily Dose of Fit – Like her title suggests, Tara posts daily on various fitness topics and recipes that are awesome. She is a personal trainer and new mom! Congrats! I love her informative posts and helpful infographics (so fun!).

Now go check out these wonderful ladies!

And happy early Valentine’s Day everyone. Even if you are single or have a plus one, show yourself some love! I know how I’ll be showing myself some love tomorrow… working out and eating chocolate! This makes me a happy girl :-).

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