Day 44 and Monday Blues

Today I kind of felt like this:

All over the place, slightly erratic, and illegal (you should not take pictures while driving).

It was just another bad Monday. Working all day through lunch, driving home just in time to drive to Chorus. I literally walked to my car, walked from the car to the office, walked from the office to the car, and walked from the car into my house. Fortunately I was able to walk for 10 minutes down the street before wolfing down dinner. A day of inactivity puts me in the worst mood. I know today is my rest day which is good for my body but I never even got outside today. My mental state suffers and I get overly emotional. Ugh.

During Chorus I get frustrated really easily by the other members and at myself. Combine that with hunger, not knowing the songs like everybody else in the group for 10 years, and having my dad being in a fantastic mood after a workout and I literally come this close to breaking down and crying. Is this normal for a Monday? I don’t know but I always have the Monday blues.

The best thing that happened today? First off, all the amazing comments from my previous post! Sharing the love! Also, finding my mom restocked the fridge with Greek yogurt for my evening snack. It’s the little things.

The point of this post? I will try to love myself despite the fact that I have horrible Mondays. It’s OK to be tired and non-social. Sometimes we have bad days so we can have great days!

I hope you have a great night ❤

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