Day 46: Bootylicious Bonanzas and Loving Your Workout

Oh the day after Valentine’s day… still in a chocolate coma and smelling the roses. Thank god for that because I had the busiest morning!

My dad left for Colorado in the afternoon so we had a lot to get done before he left. Mostly this included cursing silently over technology while taking instructions non-stop. It also included the most gigantic email thread in the history of the world with me and 3 of my co-workers, all of us in different places, communicating with a lady in Memphis. Let’s just say our signals kept getting crossed in a major way. However, I managed finished everything before driving to the airport. Success!

My mom has her dress show at the house this week so I have to maneuver through a maze of clothes and headless mannequins to get anywhere. It’s quite creepy.


After work I got on and tested out one of Cassey’s Pop Pilates workouts. I first heard about Cassey when I bought her OGorgeous gym bag on an Open Sky deal. I fell in love with my teal crazy zips bag and then fell in love with Cassey when she included a sweet handwritten note with the shipment. So freakin’ nice!

I visited her blog and was blown away by her upbeat attitude and approach to pilates. I’ve never done pilates before but after watching some of her workouts was game to try! So I turned on her Beyonce Bootylicious Bum Butt Badonkadonk Bonanza workout (mostly because the name is hilarious) and started squeezing that badonkadonk. Omg this girl is NO JOKE. My glutes were on fire after about… 30 seconds. The workout was quick and dirty. She has you doing variations of leg pulses that never seem to end and once you finish one variation you immediately move on to the next on the same leg without rest. INSANE. I consider myself a very fit person and this workout was seriously challenging. I was also in serious pain. However, Cassey’s upbeat personality helped push me through to the bitter but triumphant end.

So if you aren’t a fan of lifting weights, Pop Pilates might be for you. Check it out and feel the burn!

Anyways. After exhausting my booty, I felt tired, hungry, and unmotivated. I was this close to skipping the gym but figured I would go and do as much as my body could handle.

Well, turns out this body can handle a lot. This time I turned to another favorite blogger, Naomi of One Fit Foodie, for her Valentines Day Leg Scorcher workout. This workout was amazing! It focused more on cardio and bodyweight moves which was just what I needed after my heavy lifting session Sunday. Best part? Treadmill incline sprints. They broke up the workout in an interesting way, got my heart pumping, lungs burning, and body sweating. Definitely putting this workout into my regular rotation.

Even though I will be personal trainer, I love learning from other great trainers out there. The greatest part about the fitness industry is that it is always changing. I am excited to become a lifelong student and help my clients in the best way possible. There are so many facets to physical fitness. All it takes is finding something you love and will stick with. Why?

Because what’s the point of working out if you hate it?

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