Day 45: Roses are Red, Headbands are Pink

Well today is Valentine’s Day. This used to be my most hated holiday. I hated it with a passion. Mostly because I never had a valentine. Even when I finally started dating, I never cared much for the holiday. But a girl likes flowers. And this girl especially loves chocolate. Any day that celebrates giving chocolate is my kind of day! Oh and I did get a dozen roses :-). So loved. Right!

Today was much better than yesterday. The sun was out, I was able to escape outside for a bit, and then I got to go home and show my body some love! To start I grabbed a handful of dark chocolate covered pomegranate pieces. OMG these are incredible. My mom picked them up from Costco and I doubt they will last long. They have a delicious chocolate exterior and a burst of berry sweetness in the center. I die. Next I loved my body with a great workout!


I warmed up with a 10 minute walk then 10 minute jog on the treadmill while watching Top 40 pranks on VH1. I was definitely laughing out loud. It was awesome. Then I completed a heavy upper-body workout that completely exhausted my arms. In my quest to lift heavy, I lifted some seriously heavy weights, pushing my muscles to exhaustion after 10-12 reps.

By the end of the workout my arms were shaky and kind of numb. They still feel weird. Typing this post has been a challenge! I did concentration bicep curls for the first time, switching from 12lb. to 15lb. dumbbells to complete 3 sets. That move did my arms in.

But I managed to stay in the Valentines Day spirit with my pink headband!

I know I know, so over the top right. Everybody was telling me to just TONE DOWN THE EXCITEMENT. Never (say never).

Link Love

More in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I added a Link Love page! These are blogs I read daily (because I have no life). They inspire me every day with photography, healthy living tips, delicious recipes, and travel adventures. Check them out! If you are NOT in my page, please let me know and I will add you! I am always looking for new material and inspiration and sometimes forget to bookmark sites. Thing is, there are so many incredible blogs out there. Only because there are so many incredible people in this world! Everybody has something to say. And people are willing to listen!

So thank you blogging community for spreading the love all day, every day. You all are my valentines! ❤

3 thoughts on “Day 45: Roses are Red, Headbands are Pink

    1. It would be nice to actually spend the day with my valentine… but chocolate seems to fill that void ;-). I think your basketball pre-valentines date sounds fun!

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