Day 54: Sweating Equities

So it’s 5am on Friday, I guess I missed posting yesterday. But I was so busy all day organizing a meeting we had last night. The picture was taken yesterday so it counts.

But the meetup was great! We had a good group of people who asked good questions and technology did not give me too much trouble. Interested in investing? Want to learn a great system to find the leaders in the stock market? Live in St. Pete and want to keep me company on a Thursday night? Ask me about Sweat-Equities! Even though I really have no real interest in investing or the stock market…. this is all great stuff to know. After casually learning this over the last year I feel so much more comfortable with my own finances and actually know something about the economy. And all the insane politics that drive it. The world is smaller than we think.

Here is the man himself leading the class:

Personal trainer and stock market extraordinaire, this guy has taught me a lot of what I know regarding the economy and ….. drumroll pleaseexercise! This was the guy who got me interested in lifting weights. This is the guy who urged me to study ACE and become a certified personal trainer. This is the guy who trains mostly older ladies in his studio while watching CNBC and raving about the latest economic news. Awesome right?

This is the guy who has trained my mom for 20 years. I remember coming with her to her training sessions, exhausted after gymnastics, watching cartoons while my mom pumped iron. I have been exposed to lifting my entire life but never really realized it! I believe that hanging out in the weight room, watching my mom easily lift dumbbells as part of her normal routine, is part of what calls me to the gym and to be a personal trainer. It is like second nature to me.

In other news…

I finally scheduled my ACE test. March 16th. My textbooks are weighing down my carry-on and I plan on spending some quality time with them during the 12 hour flight to Shanghai. Pure joy. Or maybe torture? At least the material is slightly better than trashy magazines. And those are gold. Hopefully I pass! Wish me luck…

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