Day 55: Shanghai Bound

Greetings from the Tampa airport!

I woke up ridiculously early (3:45am) after less than 4 hours of sleep and somehow remembered to bring my passport to the airport. I also managed to bring 4 bags total. Two bags checked, my OGorgeous bag, and new cute purse from target. My shoulders already ache. However I plan on bringing less back to the states. I was asked to bring over a football helmut, soccer cleats, and soccer gloves to China for one of Peter’s coworkers. Football helmuts are heavy! I really hope customs checks my bag. They’d probably say “WTF??”... in Chinese of course.

My flight leaves in an hour then I have a quick layover in Chicago. I leave Chicago at 10am and arrive in Shanghai Saturday at 3pm (3am our time). It is going to be a long day. Thankfully I snagged an aisle seat so I can stand up and walk around during the long flight to China. Last trip I was so stir crazy I ended up standing in the back of the plane for several hours. I also walked up and down the aisles chugging water. It was classy. Better than being seated for so long!

Once in Shanghai I will be celebrating Carnival with Peter and his Brazilian friends. Hopefully I won’t be too exhausted to have a good time. I will definitely not need to drink. Will be loopy enough as is.

Posting might be sporadic during the trip but I will be taking my daily pictures. However I might have to post them later on depending on internet access. Is WordPress allowed in China? Sites like Facebook and Twitter are blocked. Time to unplug!

See you across the world! 

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