Day 57: Walmart on steroids

If you thought supermarkets were big in the United States, go to China.

Carrefour, known affectionately as a French based “hypermarket”, is like Walmart on steroids. Most people fondly call Shanghai New York City on steroids so it must be a cultural thing. Bigger is well… bigger.

Carrefour is 4 stories tall with magnetic escalators that glue your shopping cart to the ground as you ascend floors of consumerism. It has everything, from cheap ceramic kitchenware to sweaters and cooking oil. You never really know what you are actually buying but you hope it is like the American version you know and love. Activia yogurt? Looks the same but tastes tangy with a water-like consistency. After a few cups it starts to taste normal.

They also carry foreign brands for expats who prefer good old fashioned muesli over chicken feet for breakfast (kidding… sort of). However, foreign brands are much more expensive due to import tax. I found a lovely little container of Plantar’s peanut butter for almost $10. Really??? I would probably buy that. I love peanut butter.

Next time I’ll buy a wok.

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