Day 67: Can butter cure jetlag?

Tonight was family night for the Jantschek clan with some good Hungarian food as the centerpiece. My mom, sisters, and I ventured over to my grandparents house for dinner with my aunt and uncle. It was a half celebration of my grandpa’s 81st birthday and final get-together for my sister’s spring break.

We dined on chicken paprikash and knodels which are both very Hungarian dishes perfected by my grandmother. Think flour dumplings drenched in a basic butter sauce with chicken. She also whipped up a homemade nut sachertorte cake with a butter frosting. Took me right back to the Homeland! My belly is full and happy. There is no such thing as too much butter.

After dinner we planted new solar lamps for the driveway.

It was illuminating.


I took it easy today since jetlag always makes me dizzy and exhausted. So I put on an easy yoga podcast and stretched out those muscles. Felt so good! Then I took a 25 minute walk outside with a book on tape to acclimate myself to some sunshine. It sure was bright.

Going to bed early to try and rid myself of this persistent headache. My body still feels like it’s 11am on Thursday. oOo jetlag you are so fun!

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