Day 72: Glute and Hammy Workout

Just realized that these are some serious Gator colors going on here. Totally unintentional!

It was 80 degrees today. The office was hot, my palms were sweating, and the sun was brutally attacking my desk. There are probably worse things. Like metal rods from hell. Overall I am pleased with daylight savings because it is light out till about 8pm. That means bike rides to the gym after work! Starting tomorrow that is.


Rest day! However I did take Holly for a walk after Chorus because I thought I was going to punch somebody if I did zero physical activity for the day. Ugh. A desk job in the suburbs. The worst. Well, comparatively.

And I wrote up the lower-body workout I did yesterday:

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This workout is focused on your glutes and hamstrings. If you are quad dominant and an avid cyclist or spinner like me, it is important to strengthen your hamstrings as well as hip adductors and abductors. I will create a workout specifically for that later.


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