Day 76: It’s a beautiful thing to be ACE Certified

Good news! (besides the fact that it is gorgeous outside)

I am officially an ACE Certified Personal Trainer!

I took my test this morning over in Tampa and was surprised at how it was both easy and difficult. Does that make sense? Some questions were ridiculously easy while others were out of left field. Anyways, I passed!! Such a good feeling. I am already considering becoming a Group Fitness Instructor too! I need to learn more.

I have an opportunity to use this certification very soon if I choose, but there is a lot to consider. Will keep you posted.


Just had to take advantage of the sun and ride my bike to the gym again! This time I took it easy and leisurely made my way along the water. The trees and flowers are in full bloom which unfortunately means lots of pollen! Thankfully I do not have allergies but my parents have been suffering.

I ended up biking down to the Pier along with rest of the people on spring break. The fisherman were out in full force and so were the pelicans. They were waddling around with smug expressions, waiting to be fed. Funny animals.

After that pit stop I made it over to the Vinoy for an upper-body lifting session.

First I walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes while reading US magazine (so trashy, so good) then focused on my arms for 45 minutes. It burned so good. For arm workouts I usually complete supersets with opposing muscle groups. For example, tricep extensions and bicep curls, chest press and single-arm rows, lat pull-downs and shoulder press. Give it a try!

And now I am exhausted. Tomorrow I will celebrate both my certification and St. Patty’s day with some green! Most likely in the form of a smoothie:

(cucumber, apple, kale, avocado, banana, greek yogurt, vanilla protein powder, ice)

And maybe some beer 😉

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