Day 78: Bittersweet

It was a Sunday of mixed emotions and ridiculous heat. But most importantly, it was a day of love, friendship, and support.

Peter’s mom and I met up for the afternoon and had a great time reconnecting. It was the first time I had seen her since Nonni passed so it was definitely bittersweet.

We talked, cried (ok, I sobbed haha), ate delicious peanut butter chocolate chip balls, then went to the pool to enjoy the sunshine. I got some color! And some random burned bits. Those are always fun to find.

It was great to be with Linda and support her. We both needed it.

Then guess what we did…. Gym time!


Yes, I am so predictable. But I was generally feeling sad and lethargic from crying and lounging in the sun. So I did what I do best and did a workout to feel better both physically and mentally. And it worked!

I completed a lower-body workout, starting out slow then eventually picking up speed as my energy increased. Shabam! To finish it off I did 5 rounds of intervals on the stairmaster. Oh boyyy that gets me every time.

Then I streeeeeetched. Felt so good.

Peter comes home tomorrow and I am excited but also sad for him. Please pray for him and Linda. They need it.

Thank you. And have a lovely night.

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