Day 80: Red Mesa Cantina and ’90s girls

Yesterday I got off work a little early and was able to spend the entire evening with Peter and his mom. For dinner we walked to Red Mesa Cantina for some Mexican food.

I have been to the Cantina bar several times but have never eaten there. However, I was pleasantly surprised at how good the food was!

We started with some fried yuca and sweet plantains which were insanely delicious. Yuca has a texture similar to potatoes, is fairly tasteless, and is amazing fried (duh). Apparently they are also toxic if not prepared properly? Thankfully we experienced no partial paralysis. Yet.

For my meal, I had the open faced shrimp and crab quesadilla with tons of cheese. Oh wow it was incredible. Peter had the pork burrito and Linda had the spinach salad with mahi mahi. Overall it was a great experience with good food and company! Although I prefer the food at the original Red Mesa on 4th street, Cantina delivers a fun atmosphere and quick food.

After dinner we watched Big Daddy while Peter tried not to pass out from jet lag. I cannot believe I have never seen Big Daddy! It was such a funny and heart-warming movie that just screamed the ’90s.

Speaking of the ’90s… Have you seen 175 Reasons Why Being a ’90s Girl Rocked Our Jellies Off? 

It is SO HARD to pick my favorite from that list but Ring Pops, Backstreet Boys, The Land Before Time, and Scrunchies are pretty up there. Actually everything on this list was amazing!

Do you remember this gal?

Yeah that happened. Last Halloween.

Moral of the story: You can take the girl out of the ’90s, but you can’t take the ’90s out of the girl.

Question for you: What was your favorite part of the ’90s?  

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