Day 81: An Early Summer

You probably have figured out that I don’t work in the most exciting town in the Tampa Bay area. However I do get to see funny sights on my hour-long commute like trees, pre-fab houses, and horses on trucks. Impressive really.

New Port Richey is more of a beltway connecting housing developments, department stores, and supermarkets. The area does have some rural charm with chunks of land dedicated to cows, horses, and lumber.

What makes me sad is that the land is not being developed well. I dream of living in a pedestrian friendly city like Portland, Boulder, or Copenhagen. Maybe there wouldn’t be such an obesity problem if people got out of their hugh jass trucks and walked to the grocery store.

However, Florida is hot. Sometimes too hot for walking, sitting, or even breathing. This weekend there is supposed to be a high of 91 degrees. Ok yesterday was the first day of spring! Summer, don’t jump the gun.

But you know what summer means? Swimming, boating, getting out on the ocean! I expect Peter and I will hit up the kayak this weekend and take it for a spin. A very very slow spin since we lost a paddle. Fail.

Happy hump day!

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