Day 86: 3 Perks of Monday

Sorry, I am catching up on my daily posts from this weekend and Monday.

Mondays always suck. It’s a fact. I go along on my merry way and as the day progresses I become more and more unhappy. This is because of a variety of factors. First of all, I have Chorus and I kind of hate Chorus right now. Still don’t know the songs, still feel so out of place with the 20 year age difference, and still am annoyed by certain characteristics of older individuals. Hmph. Mondays also mean an upcoming week of work in a job that is not exactly my cup of tea.

But Monday did have its perks!

1. Worked from home

I love working from home. I gain 2 hours in my day from lack of a commute. I can wear my pajamas. I can make myself a delicious snack and lunch… whenever I feel like it. I escape outside to clear my head when taking Holly outside. I get the same amount of work done, even more! I can go to the gym on my lunch break! Everybody wins. Ok I meant, I win.

2. Bike ride with Peter

At 5pm sharp, Peter and I took out our bikes for a spin in order to take advantage of the absolutely gorgeous weather. Florida is insane right now. The weather is absolutely perfect. Blue skies, sunny, and slightly cool at night… it is ridiculous.

We rode along the water, through some of the race course (probably illegally), and down to USF. It was a perfect ride with my number one guy.

3. After Chorus

There wasn’t an exact event after chorus that was awesome, it was just fact that chorus was done that made the night awesome. Peter and I talked, watched a movie, and then I went to sleep. Glorious!

Today I am working from home again so I can go to Nonni’s mass at 11am. Please keep Peter’s family in your prayers. I’ll be back later with the photo of the day.

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