Day 85: Off to the Races

On Sunday I got lucky. The cars started roaring at 8:30am instead of 8am! Oh blessed 30 minutes of extra rest, you were glorious.

After breakfast I watched the races from above. I kind of understand the hoopla around car racing now. Especially watching from a condo above, you get a feel for the entire course and actually see some action. Drivers wait for the perfect time to make their move, speed up next to their prey quickly and deftly before a big turn, forcing their opponent to slow down and fall behind. These guys have guts too. Those cars reach up to 120 mph. That’s scary fast!

The race cars are also visually stunning with their sleek and colorful exteriors. Racing is sexy. I admit it. Now if I was downstairs watching cars streak by in the hot sun, inhaling fumes with throbbing eardrums, probably not so fun. But from a cushy air conditioned condo? Yes please.

After awhile I escaped the noise to the little gym upstairs. I met Peter’s mom and ended up doing treadmill incline intervals for about 50 minutes. Time flies when you’re chatting! After that I did some full-body exercises in the weights area. During my stretching routine I had to leave because this guy was creeping around and getting in my space. I hate that!! Gross!

After almost 2 hours in the gym (and a worried Peter), Peter, his mom, and I ate a late lunch at Panera to fuel for some shopping!! We hit up Bed Bath and Beyond which is so fun and so random. I was really tempted to buy this cupcake candle that smelled so amazing I wanted to eat it. Then I wanted cupcakes. And ice cream. So I decided not to buy it haha. We then went to TJ Maxx and spend hours browsing and trying on clothes. I bought cheap capri workout pants (yay!), two knit tops, and some hair volumizer. Success!

OH so this was random… Peter and I saw a kid we went to middle school with! Crazy! He was only at our school in the 8th grade so he didn’t really remember us but I totally remember his gel tipped hair. Haha. Oh memories.

For dinner Peter and I had a nice little date night at Gratzi’s then watched Bridget Jones Diary. Such a hilarious movie. Then the weekend was over and I was sad.

And this post is really random. Sorry! This is what happens after a case of the Mondays (incoherent babbling).

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