Day 90: White Chicken Enchiladas for the win

Oh yes this happened. And it was so worth the wait (2 hours of near starvation).

I used this recipe for White Chicken Enchiladas by Janetha of Meals and Moves. Oh my god I want to hug her. I have never made enchiladas before and have no idea why. They were so easy to make and are the perfect comfort food, warm and filling. I love the texture of warm mushy tortillas… mhmmmmm! I am drooling just thinking about this meal again.

I made some tweaks to Janetha’s recipe by adding a cup of black beans and omitting the green chilis (not spicy fan). I think this made the batch drier which I actually prefer so it was alright. OH and we accidentally bought the mini tortillas which meant we had 9 instead of 8 enchiladas. Thankfully more is more!

I will definitely be scouring the web for more enchilada recipes in the future. Enchiladas for the win!


After work, Peter and I rode our bikes down to the gym for a full-body workout. It felt so good lifting heavy things and getting my sweat on. Before we left I was so tired and thought of taking a nap. But instead I decided to test out my exhaustion during the bike ride and adjust my workout accordingly. Well as soon as I started lifting I found my mojo and felt so revitalized afterwards. This is why I exercise. Endorphins.

I am still not back to a normal lifting routine which is OK. I think I might start up a program once Peter leaves. External motivation will be nice.

After the gym we biked to Publix for enchilada ingredients and some sinus infection medicine. I am hacking up a lung. It is so fun. Who knows what is in store for us tonight. Probably another movie and then sleep. We are going to Busch Gardens tomorrow!

Have a lovely night 🙂

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