Day 95: Game-face on

Since I won’t have time to post tonight and would like to catch up on the 365 project, here is my photo of the day:

I was planning on lifting tonight but since Peter is here for another night I am taking another rest day. Yes, two rest days in a row. However, I am not sweating it. I mean I actually will not be sweating at all (haha). Instead Peter and I will eat dinner and enjoy a fun night of bowling.

Bowling is kind of our thing. One of our first dates was at the bowling alley (oh so romantic) and we try to go at least once each time he comes home. It’s really fun! Sometimes we have solid competitions and other times I suck way too much for there to be any competition at all. Also, I am kind of a sore loser so I force him to play another round.

Already have my game-face on.

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