Day 96: Bowling Down Memory Lane

We are bowling champions.

Ok well Peter is a bowling champion. He bowled two turkeys and PRed with a score of 183! My high score of the night was a mere 81. Hey, that’s pretty good for me!

The best thing about bowling is, hands-down, the shoes. I don’t know why but I love the highlighter colors and velcro straps. Plus you can moon-walk like MJ and spin around on slippery surfaces. Hello?? Fun!

On weekends they have galactic bowling with black lights and pumped-up music. Of course you must wear white clothing and glow in the dark with your neon shoes and groovin’ dance moves. I pretend to dance badly as a joke but am actually just a bad dancer. It’s all relative.

We will be back. I plan on breaking 100. Sometime in my life.

Funny story: When Peter and I were in the 5th grade our class had activity period every Friday afternoon. We rotated between golfing, swimming, and bowling. The bowling alley we went to last night is the same bowling alley from 5th grade activity period. I remember entering from the back door to the last lanes, clutching my brand new Britney Spear’s CD “Baby One More Time”, and excitedly discussing it with my friends. Then we forced management to play the CD over their speakers. On repeat.

They must have loved us. Well we loved Britney. Oooh baby baby…

So if you bowled a score of 100 or more, you won an ice cream sandwich. I was always so desperate to win that ice cream sandwich. First of all because I love winning. And second of all because I love ice cream.

Well one Friday afternoon on the last activity period of the year I bowled the best game of my life. My score was exactly 100. I was ecstatic! I was super shy so it took me a long time to inform my PE teacher that I had bowled a 100. By that time the score had disappeared from the board. She promised me my ice cream sandwich later.

I never got an ice sandwich. Maybe she forgot. Maybe they didn’t believe me. I will never know. I was too shy to bring it up again. I have never forgotten that day! And I have never forgotten the ice cream sandwich that is rightfully mine. So Ms. Dodge, if you’re reading this, it’s time to pay up.

Anyways grudges aside (never!), Peter and I bowled in the same lanes we had bowled in almost 15 years ago. Call it cute. Call it lame.

I call it fate 🙂

This is us at Morgan’s Deb Ball which was in December. While we have grown-up a lot since then, I still consider us a couple of kids, tearing up the bowling alley. In neon.

Some things never change.

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