Day 97: Sick and Lifting Again

Happy Good Friday! And a good Friday it has been.

No I didn’t go through the Liquor Drive-In. I am actually on antibiotics right now trying to tame a nasty sinus infection. I’ve been hacking up a storm for the last 2 weeks and finally had Peter’s dad (he’s a doctor) check me out. Apparently I have a sinus infection that has been leaking fluid into my lungs. He said that there was a lot of congestion making it difficult to expel. I know. Gross. Breathing is totally fun.

I am now on antibiotics and two types of cough syrup. Maybe when I’m done I can sell the syrup on the black market. Kidding. Hehe.

My office is closed when the market is closed so today was a nice little vacation. Too bad Peter left yesterday or we could have spent the long weekend together. Instead I had a nice long day all to myself and have been taking advantage of me-time.

The day started with… just guess…. a workout!


I biked to the gym and completed a full-body lifting workout that had me feeling good! My body really misses strength training and I can definitely feel a difference in my clothes, appetite, and mood when I am not lifting weights regularly. Well I am now back on a committed lifting schedule and am so happy to get back into it. I stuck mostly with supersets of opposing muscles groups which is my favorite right now.

In the afternoon I went to the pool which was nice for about an hour. Then I had to leave when this high school girl next to me began smoking while listening to Taylor Swift on her speaker phone. Oh come on. First of all gross. Second of all you do not look cool. This certainly did not help my extreme dislike of high schoolers.

Now I am off to watch The Hunger Games with my sister! I have not read the books (yet) and am so excited to see if the movie meets its hype.

Happy Friday!

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