Day 101: Weird Dog Breed Names and Today’s Workout

The number 101 makes me think of…

101 Dalmatians! Wow I had no idea dalmatians was spelled like that. What a bizarre name for a dog breed. Well most dog breeds have pretty crazy names. Holly is a Bichon Frise. Like what the heck? Where do they get this from?

Ok I just looked it up. Here. 

“Bichon” means “curly white lap dog” in French and is derived from the Old French “biche” which yup, you guessed it, means “bitch” or “female dog”. Lovely. My dog is white lap dog bitch.

She certainly acts like one too.

Now that that’s all cleared up, let’s get to the photo of the day:

Sunset over the city of St. Petersburg. Goodness I live in a beautiful place. It certainly helps my mood once I get outside. Especially if I am getting my sweat on!


My dad and I biked to the pier and back, dodging countless other pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, and small children also enjoying the lovely weather. I even saw Caroline! She was focused hardcore on her run while I was chasing down my oblivious father so we didn’t stop and chat. Hopefully we can meet up later this week for awesome crazy cool things (still working on that one).

After an intense bike ride full of mini-races (we get a tad competitive), we walked Holly (the crazy “bichon” frise) and I showed my dad some core exercises. First up was the dreaded plank. He thought it looked easy. After one minute I proved him wrong. Planks will own you. I think my dad is scared whenever I show him new exercises. Teehee.

I then retreated upstairs for a Hatha Yoga Podcast. It was just what I needed. I felt centered, calm, and extremely warm from the bike ride. I was extra limber. Huzzah!

Alright I am off to roll out the bottom of my left foot and pack lunch for tomorrow. Happy Tuesday all.

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