Day 102: Life is Beautiful

The internet was down last night which is why this post is going up today.

Yesterday was a long day of work that dragged out even longer when I went to happy hour with my coworkers. At first I was upset, I had planned to go the gym for a full-body weights workout. Happy hour is tricky because I live an hour away so we never end up getting home until 8 or 8:30. Also I am not a fan of drinking or eating greasy bar food. But usually it’s 7PM and I’m starving.

But as soon as we got to the bar I started having fun. I stuck to water (since the antibiotics are still in my system), enjoyed two fully loaded nachos, and chatted away with my friends. Yes I do consider my co-workers who are all over 40 years old and include my own father my friends.

It is unplanned moments like these that make me happy and allow me to actually enjoy life.  They also give me the opportunity to witness beautiful sunsets over Tampa Bay.

They help me appreciate this beautiful life.

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