Day 104: Northern Lights Passion

Something amazing happened today.

I got mail!

My new Aurorae Yoga Mat! Hurray! I entered a giveaway on Courtney’s blog and I actually won! I have entered countless blog giveaways but have never won before! Well actually I won a coupon from the lovely Lindsay but it was for a product not available in Florida grocery stores. Lame. But I am so happy I won this time. I have been wanting a yoga mat of my own for a while but for some reason have been putting it off.

Well I am glad I did. This mat is awesome! See? I am so happy. What is up with my hair? Some 80s flippage going on there. Cool. Especially with my Lululemon tank.

The best thing about this mat is that it is extra long.

This is great for my long legs. My body usually hangs off most mats. I don’t why they make them so short. Are yogis usually shorties?

Well this tall girl is happy to have a mat that actually fits! This mat is nice and squishy too. Anyway. I am excited about my new mat and cannot wait to do some yoga! I usually do a 10 minute yoga routine every morning before starting my day. It is a great way to stretch out, relax, and center myself before tackling the day. Now I have a mat to do it on!

Or I can just hug it all day.


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