Day 103: Banana smoothies make for speedy legs

This morning I woke up in a haze.

Really. There are fires burning all over Florida and the smoke was blowing through St. Pete. The smoke was so thick and burned my eyes just walking to the car. Then my hair smelled like smoke. I hate that.

It was a beautiful day once the smoke cleared.

My day got even better once I arrived at the gym. But first I made a vanilla banana smoothie with a frozen banana, almond milk, and vanilla extract. It was absolutely delicious. Why have I not used frozen bananas before? They are incredible blended on their own. Yum!


My favorite spin class! I rocked it again today. I think it was the banana smoothie that made my legs so speedy. I kept up with the instructor for the entire class. Feeling good!

After class I picked up some stuff for my foodie pen pal. Plus I made her something very delicious from scratch. She will be very happy! Hopefully I can mail the goodies tomorrow.

The Lean Green Bean
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