Sizzling Leg Burner Workout and Move for Shoulder Health

My lifting routine is back in full force and it feels so good. Now that I am doing no running or sprinting because of my injury, I have more time for a good lifting session.

Like I mentioned before, I am lifting 4 days a week with two upper-body days and two lower-body days. For one of the lower and upper body days I am lifting heavy with heavy weight and lower reps. For the other lower and upper body days I am focusing on lighter weights, higher reps, and really getting my heart rate up throughout the workout.

Typically my workouts are made up on the fly and yesterday was no exception.

This was a great workout for my lightweight, higher rep, heart pumping lower-body lifting session of the week. You can find Friday’s heavy lifting lower-body workout here:

Go Hard, Lift Heavy, or Go Home Workout

Bonus Move: Side Plank with Oblique Twist

I finished off this workout with 3 sets of 12 side planks with an oblique twist. This move was absolutely killer! I was shaking like crazy on the last set.

The real shocker was waking up this morning to intense soreness in my shoulders and upper back. At first I was confused since yesterday was my lower-body day so I figured it must have been the Twists! While performing the “twist” your shoulders, back, and core are doing a lot of stabilizing. Much more than you think!

Add this move to your workout and see if you can feel it! While most people do a lot of stabilization exercises for their core (think plank variations), we tend to overlook our shoulders and back. Increasing the strength and endurance of these muscles improves posture and prevents injury in the entire shoulder complex.

Remember, proper stabilization is the foundation for building strength. So start stabilizing!

*Injury Update* My foot is slightly better after 3 weeks of low-impact exercise with less pain overall but still some dull aches here and there. Sometimes I unintentionally aggravate my foot with speed walking or those times I forget about my injury and start running with glee or to chase something (am I a dog? haha). If the pain is still intense after 3 more weeks I might go see specialist. Wah.

In better news… it is Wednesday! Aka, almost the weekend!
Happy training all 🙂

2 thoughts on “Sizzling Leg Burner Workout and Move for Shoulder Health

  1. I’m definitely going to try that oblique twist move! Looks killer And you know my ab obsession runs deep. Lol

    If you need a good orthopedic/sports med rec, let me know… I’m working with a local orthopedic group and know quite a few great docs. Fingers crossed you heal up on your own though 🙂

    1. Dude I am still sore from that move! My shoulders and lower back are still feeling. Let me know if you try it! Also, I might take you up on that orthopedic doctor. The foot is 😦

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