Day 125: By Myself

Yes it is true. I saw The Hunger Games today. Again. By myself.

Say what???

Yes I went to the movie theatre by myself! My friend was supposed to join me but she became ill and ended up in the hospital. Thankfully she is fine now and out of the hospital. But I couldn’t miss my chance to celebrate Team Peeta. At first I felt awkward going by myself but quickly got over it once the movie began. It was just as good as I remembered it and was even better after reading the books.

Now I want to read the books again. I swear I have a life. And a brand new shirt! It is definitely summertime.

Daily Workout

This morning started off right with a sweaty spin class. I also did a lot of walking outside. It is certainly getting hot and humid here in Florida. Yuck.

Yesterday was upper-body so tomorrow will be lower-body lifting. I am psyched! Yes, it is the little things. Love me some lifting.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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