Day 126: Sunday fun day

Oh glorious Sunday. Why can’t every day be Sunday?

You can sleep in, relax, read a book, read trashy magazines, workout at your own pace, and even lay by the pool.

Today I did all of these things including a late night movie out with my sister! She just got back from UF and is here till Wednesday. Tonight is the only night we can really hang out so we hit the movie theater to watch “The Lucky One” with Zac Efron. The cinematography was gorgeous but the acting was a little bleh. Zac may lack the depth of a seasoned Marine, but he is so gorgeous to watch onscreen. Sigh. At least he is actually my age unlike my other movie crush Josh Hutcherson (Team Peeta!). I may or may not have Peeta as my laptop background right now. Shhh…. hahaha so embarrassing right? I hope my coworkers see tomorrow.

Daily Workout

After a leisurely morning I hit the gym for a heavy lower-body lifting session. Oh boy was it good. I did step-ups, squats, deadlifts, and lateral squats off a step, increasing my weight with each set. Here was my max weight for each lift (excluding lateral squats which were to get my heart-rate up).

Step-Ups-60 lbs.

Squats- 100 lbs.

Deadlifts- 80 lbs.

Pretty good huh? Squats are still a challenge for me. But I can definitely increase the weight on both step-ups and deadlifts. Next time my friends.

Afterwards I headed to the Vinoy pool for some reading in the sun while sipping a protein shake. My legs were like jelly. Love that feeling :-).

Now I am yawning my face off. Time for this Sunday to end.

Till next Sunday…

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