Day 127: Singing in Spring

Spring has definitely sprung in Florida. I might actually call it summer because of the intense heat. But everything is green and fresh.

Daily Workout

Rest day!

I had my last Chorus rehearsal ever and it was my favorite one yet. It was actually an extra session for the purpose of re-recording two songs for our CD. Only 8 of us were asked to sing which meant two people on each part. Singing in such a small group was absolutely incredible. We could hear each other, we balanced well, and nobody was trying to out-sing other people. Ultimately we were able to perfect our parts and focus on the sound as a whole. We sounded amazing! I was also asked to take over difficult soprano parts which was so flattering. I have a very good ear and learn parts very easily so I was happy to help :-).

It’s moments like these when I absolutely love singing in a group. When individual voices come together to create a singular sound…. wow. Earth shattering. I am happy I stuck with Chorus till the end. Despite the frustrating rehearsals, the happiness singing brings me made it all worth it.

“Those who wish to sing, always find a song.” – Swedish Proverb

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