Day 129: Listen to your body

When it rains it pours. At least it decided to let up for a bit so the sun could come out. Hello sun!

On the drive to work this morning I had a crazy idea to throw myself a birthday party this weekend. I turn 24 Tuesday and really want to celebrate with my mishmash of friends in St. Pete. So I planned a little party and promptly felt nervous, shy, and antisocial. Then Peter coached me on how to actually throw a party. We’ll see if anybody shows up Saturday! Haha.

Daily Workout

After feeling tired, headachy, and sore all day I decided to forgo my lower-body lifting workout for a leisurely walk outside and yoga session. It was perfect and exactly what I needed. My hips have been extremely tight and sore for awhile now and yoga helped stretch them out.

Remember it’s always ok to change a scheduled workout and listen to your body. Often our bodies are trying to tell us something and we refuse to listen. It’s exactly the same with cravings. With Integrative Nutrition I’m learning that food cravings are often a signal from our bodies that something is out of balance whether if be regarding your diet or lifestyle. Our bodies are smart.


2 thoughts on “Day 129: Listen to your body

  1. This has been so hard for me. I’ve been fighting a cold and know I need to just rest and sleep more, but I still feel so guilty for skipping a workout or opting for a more low-key workout. Being sick stinks.

    1. I completely understand that guilt. We need to be ok with resting! Often you come back stronger. Sorry you are sick, get better soon!

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