Day 135: A Very Happy Birthday


That is how many years I’ve lived on this Earth. Thankfully life is the longest thing I’ll ever do. And age is just a number. 24 is a nice, even number. Not yet 25 which makes me wonder why a quarter century seems old. Maybe I’ll look back and say this was the best time of my life. Or the worst time of my life. All I know is that I am alive! And I am so thankful for my family and friends who fill my life with such purpose and happiness.

And cupcakes.

And flowers.

Peter never fails when it comes to birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. I can always expect fresh flowers and sweet card on my doorstep no matter where he is in the world. My grandma called and said she would have sent me flowers but knew that Peter would have at least 3 dozen for me already. Hah! Sorry grandma, 3 dozen roses was Valentine’s Day! Hahaha. Everyday I am grateful for his love and kindness.

Today we celebrated not my birthday per se, but my grandma’s birthday! She turns 80 next month! 24 aint no thang. We threw her a surprise luncheon with all the ladies she babysat for in St. Pete. My grandma babysat me, my sisters, and countless other kids in St. Pete for many years. When she walked into the restaurant and saw all her old friends she was surprised, shocked, and so so happy. I have never seen her so happy :-).

A little appreciation goes a long way. And we definitely appreciate her!

Also her birthday cake was the best double chocolate cake in the world. It so crazy delicious and just melts in your mouth with a smack of sweetness in the face. I claimed it as my own birthday cake and demolished my slice.

I have also been steadily devouring chocolate covered caramels from Peter. He knows me well. But I will eat all the chocolate I want because it’s my birthday! And on my birthday I celebrated in the best way possible. Can you guess how?

With a workout of course! Am I predictable or what?

Birthday Workout

I told my mom that the one thing I want to do on my birthday is go to the gym. So that’s exactly what I did. I biked to the gym in my new purple athletic shirt and completed a lower-body workout. Can you say 100 lb. squats and deadlifts?? Woohoo!!! I LOVE lifting heavy. It feels so incredible. Especially with my lifting gloves! My hands are so happy now gripping those 50 lb. dumbbells.

I finished off my heavy lifts with some curtsy lunges, side step outs with the resistance band, and pizza lifts. End with a streeetchhh.

I just listened in on my welcome webinar for Integrative Nutrition and will now make breakfast and lunch, shower, and watch mindless television. And probably eat more chocolate.

24 never felt so good!

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