Day 134: A Full Heart

I felt the love today. And my birthday isn’t until tomorrow!

Fortunately I have some fabulous roommates from college who are all artists in their own right. They make their own cards and are the sweetest people ever.

Carina found the card below in a print shop in Portland. How perfect is that??? I love it.

She also got me a bottle of mead. It was so good! Like liquid honey. Last time I had mead was in a reconstructed Viking house in western Denmark. That mead was like licking the bottom of a shoe. Not as good. Carina’s mead was shared and demolished Saturday night. But more on that later!

Daily Workout

I basically took Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as rest days and was so flippin’ excited to get back in the gym today. Last time I lifted was Wednesday!! My body definitely missed it. I was actually in a lot of pain and very sore from the lack of movement and stretching. It didn’t help that I was mildly incapacitated Sunday… hmm…

Anyway. I did some intervals on the stationary bike then busted out a great upper-body workout. Then I rolled out my legs on the foam roller for a while. My hips in particular are super tight and painful. Got to get those kinks out!

Now I have a date with my foam roller, Peter on skype, and Undercover Boss. Best show ever!


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