Day 137: Arnold Dumbbell Press and Curl

Working from home certainly has its benefits. But it also means inadvertently staying inside all day. This does not make for a happy Kirsten. However I was able to enjoy the sunset after working out.

Florida is definitely beautiful.

Saturday morning my family and I are headed to Boston for Taylor’s graduation. The weather is supposed to be a stunning 65 degrees and sunny. I could get used to that! Knowing my cold blooded self I will be needing sweaters and wool socks. Hah.

Daily Workout

I headed to my normal Thursday spin class with very low energy. But about halfway through the class I perked up for some speedy intervals. That class is always so satisfying to conquer. Afterwards I decided to get my upper-body lifting out of the way in case I don’t get the chance this weekend.

I did a brand new shoulder move that I saw in Oxygen Magazine that totally killed! Do you know what move? The Arnold Dumbbell Press. Whew!! I completed 3 sets of 12 with 15 lb. dumbbells with an added dumbbell curl between each press.

Try it out! Your shoulders will scream at you. It feels great :-). Thanks Arnie!

2 thoughts on “Day 137: Arnold Dumbbell Press and Curl

    1. You should try it with a curl in between. It kills two birds with one stone. But I know how you feel! It seems easy then starts burning in random places on your shoulders! Arnold is a genius. Haha.

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