Day 132: It’s my party…

And I’ll cry if I want to!

No I didn’t cry at my birthday party but I had this song stuck in my head all weekend. Isn’t Lesley Gore beautiful?

Time to catch up on my fun filled Saturday (so belated sorry!).

After a fun night out with Carina, we slept in and made some breakfast. Since she had to leave at 3pm, we decided to stay at the house and lounge by the pool.

It was warm, sunny, and perfectly relaxing. After about an hour and a half, we cleaned up and met Tim’s St. Pete friends at Cantina for some late Mexican lunch. Cantina is a funky restaurant and bar downtown that makes amazing tacos. Guess what I had? Tacos! Duh.

Determined to get froyo for my birthday, I dragged everybody to a Froyo place on Beach Drive. I started with my usual vanilla and mocha base and topped it off with oreos and fudge. The best part though? Mango boba. It added an incredible fruity punch that worked surprisingly well with the rich chocolate flavors (and reminded me of China). The only downside was the thousands of love-bugs mating on our skin. Such a lovely time of year.

Carina left and I actually got in a quick workout at the gym. No lifting, only a short sweat on the bike and stretch. It was nice to shake out my legs after so much walking the last two days. Next stop? The liquor store.

So here’s the deal.

I have never thrown a party before. Like ever. Usually I am just in attendance. So Peter coached me on nitty gritty details of what exactly to buy. Then I called two more friends in the store for more guidance. I was there for practically an hour wandering the aisles finally with some success.

Is anybody else out there totally ignorant when it comes to alcohol? I don’t know the names of drinks, brands, types of beer, and I certainly don’t have a signature drink. I barely know how to open bottles of champagne:

(circa my birthday 2011)

But I certainly know how to drink:

Oh wait you mean people don’t drink from the bottle? They use glasses?? See. Ignorant.

The party started at 8pm although most people didn’t arrive until at least 9:30. Fact of life. Nobody wants to be early!

Overall about 15-20 people showed up at various times which was perfect. We had a lot of fun! Unfortunately (for them) there was a majority of single guys and not many girls. This is due to the fact that I’m pretty tight with most of Peter’s friends in the area while my other friends are spread out. Most my girlfriends who came are A. in relationships or B. married (hah). Yeah I felt a little bad. Especially when the boys kept complaining!  At least there was plenty of alcohol. And a sweet roof patio!

The worst part of the party was when two of my friends realized their differences and got into an argument. Some b**** slapping almost went down. Then people found mangos on the roof. So of course I decided to start chopping the mangos with a very sharp knife. Thankfully I only nicked my finger and proceeded to sulk in a corner. Glad that activity was nipped in the bud.

Besides minor flesh wounds, the party was a great success! I am so happy my mishmash of friends were finally brought together to meet and hang out. It was awesome to hang out with everybody at once and maybe spark some new friendships. Having everybody there made me so incredibly happy. I love my friends!!

So when’s the next party? 

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