Day 151: Directing our passions

Today I’m thinking about community. About how powerful it is when people come together for a common purpose.

Tonight was our fourth investment club meeting. I help organize the meeting while my dad and Vito run the presentation. People pay to come together and talk about the stock market. It’s incredible.

It makes me think about how powerful it is when we direct our passions and put them into action. I do not care about the stock market. It drives me slightly insane talking about it for more than two hours. I organize the investment club because it’s my job as my dad’s employee and daughter. Now get me talking about healthy living and fitness and I could go on for hours. Why? Because it is my passion. It is important to me. It is the foundation of my life.

It makes me think about my value to others, to myself, and to the world if I directed my passions into action. If I practice what I preach. If I am passionate about health and fitness, why not spread the word to others? Why not make the world a better place?

It is the least I could do. And also the most.

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